About Me

Hey there!

Welcome to lipstick and lemonheads!

I love to take pictures of food that I cook or find whenever I am out and about.

But most importantly, I absolutely love to eat!

I have been interested in cooking and eating ever since I can remember. When I was little, I used to watch my mother and grandmother cook and bake for every occasion imaginable; I was completely blown away by how easy they made it look! As I grew up and my palate became more sophisticated, I became interested in traveling the world and tasting what different cultures had to offer. When I met my fiancé (who is also my taste tester whether he likes it or not), I was introduced to the Turkish culture and their way of cooking, which is my favorite. 

I am a working girl during the day so when I come home at night, I want fresh, healthy dinners that do not take hours and hours to prepare and cook. Most of these recipes are those that I have found on Pinterest or other food blogs that I interpreted my own way 🙂

I hope you enjoy and let’s get cooking!


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