Review ::: Monarcas on St. Pete Beach

It’s always fun to go on a weekend getaway and try out some fun places to eat that we normally don’t get to have when were home! Although Mexican food is available pretty much everywhere around Orlando, we were dying to try Monarcas because of all the amazing reviews online. They were about a mile from our hotel so we decided to give it a try!

When we drove up to the restaurant, the owner of the restaurant came right out to our car and informed us of additional parking in the back or across the street in case we didn’t find anything! That was so cool! I have never had customer service like that at a restaurant; it was very welcoming.

When we walked in, it was very quaint. Although there wasn’t a long wait, the place was packed! We were greeted by the owner and right off the bat, recommended the margaritas. I LOVEEEEE margaritas so I was excited when he explained it was a “secret wine-based” recipe. HOLY MOLY those margaritas! 😱 They were amazing!!!! Very different – because they didn’t have that overpowering flavor of tequila (thank god – I don’t like tequila very much) and they were sweet, but not too sweet.


After we finished our pitcher of the margaritas, we moved on to the chips and salsa and the table side guac. I can always appreciate a good salsa recipe, but this one takes the cake! It was spicy, but not burning your mouth off spicy. It was chunky and colorful and absolutely palate pleasing. The table side guac was delicious as well. I love when you get to see them prepare it right in front of your table because you really can’t have anything THAT fresh. It was the perfect combination of avocado to red onions to lime. It was the so vibrant and a perfect introduction to the main dishes of the night. I, unfortunately, was not able to get pictures of the salsa and guac because we were so hungry, we just dove right in!



I ordered the steak fajitas with corn tortillas, because let’s face it, corn tortillas are probably the best tortillas. Of course they came out sizzling and surrounded by grilled onions and peppers. They were really really good! The seasoning was definitely on point throughout the whole dish!

My hubby ordered the carne asada (like he always does), but I’ll give it to him, it was probably the best carne asada I’ve had! The rice and beans they served with it accented the steak so well. Everything they served on the plates were so fresh and flavorful, we couldn’t stop eating!



This dinner was meant to be my early birthday dinner and of course, everyone thought it would be cute to make the waiters sing happy birthday with a giant sombrero on my head! It was really funny, but the best part of the embarrassment is that we got a fried ice cream to end the night!!! Literally the best! The vanilla bean ice cream was crusted with a coconut crust and served over a warm cinnamon sugar fried tortilla — YUM! 🤤🤤🤤



Go check them out and post your experience in the comments!!

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