Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

The weekends that the hubby and I get to sleep in are rare, but theĀ bestĀ thing in the entire world! We work our butts off during the week, so those mornings of rolling around in bed until whenever is truly magical!

Last weekend, when he was still sleeping, I decided to get up and make some pancakes. Now, I usually don’t have the time or effort in the morning to make stuffed pancakes, but I got the idea from a friend who made nutella and strawberry stuffed pancakes the weekend before and I melted! I didn’t have strawberries in the house, so I just used nutella!

The ingredients I use are super simple! Because the hubby and I are trying to start eating gluten free, I was able to find Gluten Free pancake mix from Flap Jacked and it is delicious! You really cannot taste the difference!!

It’s filled with protein, which is perfect for us, and it’s pretty low carb as well! They have a lot of different flavors and different menu items that are all delicious! I would definitely check them out!


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